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Let me introduce Lee “Cadillac” Price from Odessa, Texas

I had the opportunity one morning in June to travel to Odessa, Texas to meet a spry ole’ cowboy name Lee Price. Now Lee is 95 years old living by himself because he had vowed to his deceased wife that he would never go to a nursing home. So, Lee lives alone and seems to have withstood all the “haggling and fussing” over the fact that it is not safe for him to live alone. That is where the Interim Healthcare Foundation stepped in through the request of his social worker at Interim Hospice, Anna Navarrete. Anna requested a “responder unit” that Lee could use when he needed to call for help. It was my great opportunity to travel to Odessa (my home town) to help Lee figure out “that damn darn thang!”

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The Interim Healthcare Foundation had the opportunity to serve a wonderful little girl in Amarillo, Texas named Lexi. Lexi was born only weighing 1lb 8 oz or what is referred to as a micro-preemie. As you tour Lexi’s page, you will see a tiny little baby with yet undeveloped eyes and a barely formed body.

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It is not an everyday occurrence when God places the most desperate and deserving in the lives of so many people in a small West Texas town. 15 miles southeast of Lubbock in Slaton, Texas is a young woman lying in a special bed who is hooked to a respirator for every breath and moment of life. Despite the efforts of loving grandparents and parents, Brianna Graves lies in a converted garage for a room. Bri only wants what any young girl in high school or college dreams – a room of her own that has some separation from the rest of the house….just some privacy.

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